Why do we have milk? Health Tips

Milk is often used in cow’s milk or buffalo milk. Rarely breast milk.

There is no food like milk. Breastfeeding mothers to children who are not breastfeeding. Cow’s milk is easily digested. So the cow’s ballet is ideal for children. Many Ayurvedic medicines are recommended for adults.

Our body contains all the protein, minerals, fat, calcium, and vitamins. That is why every day should have at least one cup of milk in addition to the main ingredients.

Fat to protect the boy’s body. That too is full of milk. It is important that the fat in it is easily digestible.

Does not dress up when brewing milk? That’s the fat. We use the separation of fat in the milk and use it as ice and wet.

However, doctors think that there is too much calcium in the milk so that the kidney stone is made. But the study of the Boston Nagar Brigham Hospital rejects this. Getting Kelly is a little more likely to develop kidney stones. However, eating calcium-rich foods reduces this risk in yours. It’s still safe to take up to 1000 ml of calcium content. In this way, milk is back to success.

Drink good milk because you have so much good in milk

Why do we have milk? Health Tips