US and Iran negotiations under the gun carrier strike group

US and Iran negotiations under the gun carrier strike group

America is one step away from a military operation against Iran. Tehran has ceased to fulfill part of its obligations under the nuclear deal. At the same time, Washington sends a naval strike force led by the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln to the Persian Gulf and is deploying B-52 strategic bombers to the region. Trump is confident that under such pressure Tehran will negotiate with him.

Such a concentration of heavy weapons in one region and the closed US embassy in Baghdad leads to very specific feelings that war may soon be. There is psychological preparation, as well as emotional cheating. Iran is accused of all the problems that exist in the Arab world. Everything can be resolved at the moment. Everything else, Trump is going to Erdogan. Obviously, Turkey and Iran have a long-standing difficult relationship. What can this lead to? Do you feel the war in Washington? Experts in the program “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov.”

In the opinion of the President of the American Center for Global Interests Nikolai Zlobin, the war is not felt, but the situation is so tense that every inaccurate step from any side can lead to conflict. “He can be a trigger, and little will not seem to anyone. The average American’s fatigue from America’s involvement in all sorts of conflicts continues. Trump played great on this. No one understood why he hit Syria. He didn’t explain. In American society, there is no such anti-Iranian attitude as it is in relation to Russia. Therefore, the average American does not really understand what America will do when it strikes or, moreover, by starting a war. ”

The political analyst noted that at the recent meeting of Pompeo and Putin in Sochi, the sides devoted a considerable part of their time to discuss the situation around Iran. This means that without an understanding of the position of Russia, Trump will not do anything.

Said Gafurov, the head of the Vostok direction of the Pravda.Ru Internet portal, has his own opinion on this. He is frightened that “in the United States, a certain number of serious expensive ammunition is nearing the end of its storage period. There is some information that comes mainly from Lebanon that they are actually preparing to deliver such a blow with the Tomahawks on Syria, the Islamic Revolutionary Corps Strange as it may seem, the Americans want to shoot outdated ammunition and see what happens. They do not need war, but a short conflict, after which they can sit down again at the negotiating table. ”

Director Karen Shakhnazarov believes that there will be no war: “The main reason is hidden very deeply in what is happening in America: the decrepit empires do not lead the war. The US is losing its drive. Trump is likely to bluff, and it will not come to war. some local strike. ”

In this case, the director notes, Russia will win. It can become the force that Iran wants to attract to appease. “The situation may arise as in Syria. As a result, Russia will end up in Iran and Iraq. And for the Americans it is a catastrophe,” explained Shakhnazarov.

In turn, Elena Suponina, an adviser to the director of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, states that the accident factor in the Middle East is a very dangerous factor: “Any careless incident can lead to dangerous consequences. everything to make it smaller. ”

According to the lead Vladimir Solovyov, striking Iran on America is ideal. With him, all the enemies of Israel are losing the main sponsors, problems arise in Syria, and panic begins throughout the region. As a result, the money runs into the only harbor – the United States. The price of oil is rising, which is beneficial to America, which is its main supplier. Thus, they completely destroy the rival with light oil, because the Saudis will also be involved in the war. “And, as always, being at home, protected by three oceans, the United States will watch the world go crazy and worry about violating democratic rules,” Solovyov concluded.

US and Iran negotiations under the gun carrier strike group