Google Chrome Tips And Tricks

Google Chrome Tips And Tricks


1. Save Web pages As PDFs:

Open any web page, press Ctrl+P on windows and choose “save as PDF” from the list of available printers


2. Make Favicons Your Bookmarks:

Right-click on a bookmarks bar and delete the text in the name box, leaving only the favicon.


3. Pin Tabs:

Minimize a tab to display only the icon. To pin a tab, right click on the tab.and select “Pin Tab” this is helpful when you have a lot of tabs open.


4. Open Recent Tabs:

One any recent tab that has been closed by right-clicking on the title bar and selecting “reopen closed tab”.


5. Get Into Incognito Mode:

Browse privately in chrome by clicking on “settings” and selecting “New incognito window”. Your history will not be saved.


6. Navigate Between Tabs Quickly:

Navigate quickly between tabs by pressing Ctrl+1 to go to the first tab. Ctrl+2 to go to the 2nd tab and so on. Go to the last tab by pressing Ctrl+9.


7. Open Multiples Pages On Start Up:

Set up your startup pages by going to “settings” scrolling to “settings” and selecting “Set pages” under the startup section. Next, enter the URL”s.


8. Solve Mathematical Problems And More:

Solve mathematical calculations and more from the Omnibox (address bar). Try typing 60 x 90 without pressing enter and see what appears.


9. Play Media Files In Google Chrome:

Play a wide variety of movie and music files by simply dragging your file into the search bar and enjoy listening or watch it play.


10. Bookmark All Tabs:

Bookmark all of your open tabs at once by right-clicking on one of the tabs and scrolling to “Bookmark all tabs”.